Cindy Demichel

Cindy Demichel is the president and co-founder of Celsius Energy that connects buildings to the energy of the Earth to provide low carbon heating and cooling. It reduces CO2 emissions by 90% and energy consumption by 70%. Cindy joined Schlumberger as a geologist in 2004 and evolved up to the executive team of the main R&D branch of the group. In 2017, she and her 2 cofounders decided to divert Schlumberger technical expertise and industrial know how to participate to Energy Transition. In 2021, Celsius Energy is part of Schlumberger New Energy deploying commercial solutions to heat and cool buildings.

A quote on the subject:

25% of CO2 emissions are due to heating buildings. In 2050, air conditioning needs will triple. Good news: Beneath every building lies a renewable non intermittent energy, which, combined with heat pumps provides low carbon heat and sustainable cooling. Let’s connect our buildings, powered by the Earth!”