Prof Meike Jipp

Meike Jipp is Professor for “Transport Demand and Transport Impacts” at Technical University of Berlin (Germany). She is on leave to be Director of the Institute of Transport Research at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). In her research, Meike Jipp concentrates on human transport behavior: Why and how are humans mobile? How can one design transport systems to prevent negative impacts and foster positive ones? Meike Jipp studied psychology at Mannheim University (Germany) and Carleton University (Canada). After she received her Ph.D. in 2008, she expanded her research portfolio as a postdoctoral research fellow at Mannheim University. In 2010, she became part of the German Aerospace Center.

A quote on the subject:

“Let’s think systemically! Our societies are connected and so are the global energy transition and the transformation of our transport systems. To achieve climate neutrality for a better future, we need a systemic approach to all elements of our transport systems (i.e. fuels, vehicle concepts, infrastructure). Let’s start now!“