24/7 Heat & Electricity Powered by the Sun: The Combined Forces of CSP, Solar Energy and Thermal Energy Storage

There is a growing importance of CSP/PV hybrid systems with thermal storage as confirmed by Worldbank and IRENA in recent studies. These systems can provide flexible, renewable energy, 24/7 in regions with excellent direct solar resources for electricity and hydrogen generation. They lower the cost of rapidly expanding renewable energy, allowing to replace a larger share of fossil fuels in the energy mix.
Solar heat for industrial process systems is becoming a growing reality even in regions with less direct solar radiation. In combination with thermal storage, it can cover the heat supply in the industrial sector 24/7 and can play a key role in industrial decarbonisation.

The workshop will give an insight in technologies and applications of solar systems in combination with thermal storage as well as their economics.

Further information and agenda can be downloaded here (PDF)