Towards >60 Gigatonnes to 1.5C Compatible Solution Providers with Mission Innovation Framework: Moving beyond climate neutrality and other climate risk approaches and embracing a climate solution innovation approach

For too long the climate discussion has focused on companies, cities and counties only as sources of emissions. The result is a problem driven innovation approach that result in a static perspective where the future is seen as identical to the one we have now, but without emissions. It is time to shift towards the solution providers that embrace the fourth industrial revolution and deliver what is needed in society in resource efficient ways.

This session will present the work in Mission Innovation to identify and quantify 1.5C compatible innovations and different stakeholders at the forefront of the fastest industrial transformation humanity have ever experienced. This change will happen regardless as we live in the 4th industrial revolutions, but due to the climate crisis we must accelerate the transition and guide it towards sustainability.

Beside an overview of the Mission Innovation framework and how it can be used by investors, cities, incubators, start-ups and larger companies leading stakeholders will present what is changes are to be expected in the near future and is already being prepared… As Willian Gibson said, “the future is already here —It’s just not very evenly distributed”.

Password: Towards60